ALF Protocol FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


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Which blockchain Alfprotocol uses?

Alfprotocol is built on the Solana blockchain. 

Why you are building your protocol on the Solana blockchain?

We choose Solana because of these few reasons: 

1) It's super fast and the transactions are super cheap.

2) We personally love seeing how quickly the whole ecosystem around the Solana is being built. A lot of great projects are choosing Solana, and Alfprotocol is one of them!

3) Solana is getting a lot of institutional attention, more and more developers are moving to the Solana blockchain which simply confirms, that Solana is a great place to build and grow the future projects of DeFi. 

What is the background behind the Alfprotocol team?

The whole team of the Alfprotocol holds over 12 years of combined experience in the financial markets & cryptocurrencies. Our CEO Matt comes from the 8 years of the financial markets trading, private capital management and over 4 years of experience  within the crypto space investments. Our CTO Gintautas holds over 10 years of blockchain architecture and development experience. Our marketing and community managers holds over 5 years of marketing and sales experience. 

Why is the minimum investment amount for the Pre-IDO round 10,000$?

10,000$ is the minimum investment required for the PRE-IDO round as we have decided to give an opportunity to the retail users to invest just like the Venture Capital (VC) firms. Participating in the Pre-IDO round means to invest in a very early development stage of the protocol, a lot earlier than the actual public IDO. All users willing to get onboard as early as possible should follow our social media to be first on the public sale.

Who is backing Alfprotocol?

We're happy to announce that the following VCs are backing Alfprotocol:

Dust Ventures;

Zen Capital;

DIB Ventures;

SRT Ventures;

Scorpio VC;

Alpha Hunt;

*The list will be updated once we onboard more partnerships.

What are your official emails that users can contact?

We are already seeing some fake emails being created with our name. These are the ONLY official emails that you can contact and the ONLY emails that are 100% legit:

General Questions & Partnerships: [email protected]

Media Related: [email protected] 

Investments: [email protected] 

Pre-IDO & Token Distribution: [email protected]

When will the TGE & IDO gonna take place?

Token Generation Event and Public IDO is planned to take place in early Q2, 2022!

When will the protocol gonna be released?

We aim to have the MVP version of the protocol ready for the early Q2, 2022, and fully working and fully developed protocol in Q3, 2022. 

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