What is Alfprotocol?

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What is Alfprotocol?

Alfprotocol - A step toward the third-generation DeFi, offering leverage for liquidity providers. 

At the core lies the protocol for leveraged liquidity provision into AMMs and yield farming. Complementary to that, Alfprotocol offers two protocols for unleveraged liquidity management: AlfMM (a decentralized exchange service) and Alf (an overcollateralized borrowing service). The core purpose of both protocols is to provide entry points for traders and risk-averse investors, offering them a platform to trade and provide liquidity, all the while reining in additional revenue from indirectly providing liquidity.

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Alfprotocol Key Features

Oversimplified explanation - Alfprotocol is a decentralised application (dApp) built on the Solana blockchain that lets user supply their tokens to earn APY, borrow some funds to use by providing collateral, use our in-house built decentralised exchange & become liquidity providers (LPs) by supplying tokens to the pools and earn yield rewards + token rewards for being a LP. What's unique is that Alfprotocol will provide leverage for users to use to increase their position size while investing into the liquidity provision. 

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